Saturday, July 18, 2009

No More Club Meds

I am cautiously getting ready for some fun in the sun at Club Med in Cancun. I have to admit that I have been a bit wary of taking advantage of my 7 day all-inclusive Club Med credit. Most travellers, even the adventure seeker ones who would never willingly go to Club Med, would be embracing a 7-day all inclusive free vacation and wondering why somebody would have travel cold feet. I have to say that this vacation comes with some baggage. That is the hurricane kind. We got the credit after having our vacation rudely interrupted last year at Club Med Turks and Ciaos by hurricanes. That’s right not just one but three hurricanes. Hurricane Hanna, Ike and I believe the last one which we may have dodged was Hurricane Josephine. The hurricanes trampled through our much sought after all inclusive beach vacation like terrible 2 year old brats.

We had the pleasure of meeting Hurricane Hanna at her infancy. She arrived the same night as us to the resort and wasn’t too bad the first night. We danced in the outdoor disco with Hanna rocking in the background and I thought well hurricanes are not so bad it’s like having natural strobe lights with the lightening in the background. This is because growing up mostly in Cali, I never knew hurricanes are initially storms than turn into hurricanes. So Hanna came back the second night in her true nature as a hurricane and crashed our party. She didn’t even give us a chance to get 3 of the essential vacation D’s (drinks or dancing). That night she howled through the complex like a betrayed woman out for vengeance breaking windows, roof tiles basically anything she could wrap herself around. Hanna was angry she made a huge mess of the resort which resulted in the closing of all activities. We started referring to the resort as Club Med Turks & Chaos. The scuba diving license that I almost lost my hearing for in my training dives was of no use on this trip. Neither were the 2 new bikinis I was planning to tan in. My photos from the trip consist of documentations of wreckage instead of me on the beach with my new bikini. For the rest of the week my activities were limited to taking an exercise classes or drinking at the open bar. I learned quickly that it was best not to combine the two. I came back from Turks and Chaos tanless but more in shape and a borderline alcoholic. I also benefited from trip credit that I will be using in a week at Club Med Cancun. Hopefully it will not be another Club Meds as I hear its close to hurricane season.

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