Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Last night in spirit of Oktoberfest festivities, I had dinner at Suppenkuche, a German beer house and restaurant. The place was very packed and boisterous for a Tuesday night. We had to wait over thirty minutes for a table; however, the loud energetic atmosphere and good beer selection made the wait go by quickly. I also found myself easily entertained by the decorations on the ceiling. After many minutes of staring at the ceiling, I still can’t figure out why there is an upside down gnome hanging from the ceiling but I am hoping it has something to do with Oktoberfest. Either way, the ceiling decorations were very fun to watch it. I also loved the natural pine wood communal tables that seat 8. We were only 5 so we got to make friends with a group of 3 and swap stories about the place. The food can be communal style too because the portions are so huge you can share it with your friends if you like to. I found my braised beef with lingonberries served with red cabbage and spatzle so delicious that I didn’t want to share it. This was the perfect comfort meal on a cold night.

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