Sunday, November 15, 2009

Is SOMA for the weekdays?

Is SOMA for the weekdays? I am starting to think so. Last weekend, I went to a couple places in SOMA because I had 101 excuses for not wanting to leave my zipcode. It was too cold, too hard to find a cab, etc. Plus staying in SOMA gave me the opportunity to go to Ironside restaurant for dinner. I have been excited about trying Ironside because the relatively new restaurant is owned by the same people who own District, one of my favorite places in SOMA. Ironside is a really laid back restaurant that offers wine, beer and an all American menu. The house red wine on tap was really good and inexpensive but I wasn't thrilled about the pizza that I ordered. I actually was disappointed because the pizza at District is so good. I expected Ironside’s pizza would be just as good if not better. I should have tried the Wild Boar Sausage that everyone is raving about. Overall, I did find that the place is a nice new addition to SOMA and would be a great place for lunch or after work drinks. After Ironside, we checked out Eve Lounge. I like the concept behind the lounge. They‘re going for a elegant, sultry feel. I didn’t really feel like they’ve got it yet. The crowd was pretty random. I also found the d├ęcor a bit off. The black and white pinup films they projected on the wall were interesting but gawky. I especially felt it was awkward to watch them over a small table of business men out for a drink. I’ll give Eve another chance on a weekday night before trying it again during the weekend.

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