Friday, August 6, 2010

Local Mission Eatery

Chilled Corn Soup + Crab (mmm..amazing. must try)

Farm & Market Salad (good. fresh ingredients)

Roasted Goat Pibil (didn't love it. very fatty)

Thanks to another Blackboard Eats (BBE) deal, I got to try Local Mission Eatery last weekend. The deal BBE offered was great - a free bottle of wine with dinner! I expected the restaurant to give us their cheapest bottle of wine but the wine choices were very good. The fact that they offered the best wine as the "freebie" also highlighted their superb service.

In regards to the food, I appreciated the locally grown fresh ingredients but have to say that I wasn't in love with most of what we tried. That is except for the chilled corn soup. This tasted like delicious corn flakes soaked in chilled cream to me. I would go back for a bowl of chilled, creamy cornflakes and another good bottle of wine off course.

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