Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lucky Strike II

Got lucky again in Vegas! Sunday night one of the club promoters at our hotel asked if we like to go to LAX. He had free passes for us that got us in with out waiting in line, and best of all Wyclef was performing that night. We were so close to him on the stage that if I was a crazy fan I could have thrown myself on him with one jump. I thought about it for a second but decided that it wasn't worth the pain. The performance was great except for the guy behind us who took it as an opportunity to get some free thrills. At first I tried to ignore it because I think it's rude to pick on sick people. I suspected he was suffering from Short Man Syndrome. After awhile I had to let him know that it wasn't cool to be an asshole. He then proceeded to keep telling me how everyone at the concert hated me. This when I realized that he definitely had SMS and the best thing I could do is tell the bouncer about him. After the 200lb bouncer warned him, he learned to keep his distance. Overall, I considered a lucky nite. I think I should by a Lotto ticket for lucky strike III.

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