Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lucky Strike

Vegas baby! I get the airport Friday morning and I am stopped by the great wall of people looping around the airport waiting to check into their flights. Again I question why I would take the 6:45am flight. The ticket was bit cheaper but overall expensive. It seemed like a good idea to get in early and get more bang for the buck. As I am in line the news camera starts filming the couple in front of me. The 6am news audience will be astonished to see lines at the airport during Memorial weekend. I am wondering why they don't just use the footage from last year and save some money. I mean we are in a recession after all.

By the time I make it to the gate, I am definitely getting annoyed at myself for booking such an early flight to save fifty bucks. That's until I get lucky! The gate attendant asks for volunteers who would give up their seats for a later flight. In exchange for the seat we can get flight credit. CHA CHING$ I mean, I have nothing to do 8am in Vegas. I can't even check into the hotel. My friend who I am traveling with is not coming until later. I am all excited about volunteering because it's a good thing and I get my ticket credited. Did I already say Cha Ching$$. I am embarrassed to say how much I paid for the ticket. Not because I don't want the one person reading this posting to judge me for paying too much but I am worried that the Persian Embassy will revoke my passport for taking such a bad deal. After all bargaining should be in my blood. But everyone knows how Vegas is my weak spot. Thank goodness I am lucky today!

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