Saturday, December 5, 2009

Iron Cactus - this is not your Mission Burrito

Today I tried a new Mexican restaurant in SOMA -Iron Cactus.

I liked the restaurant's space...I wish I could say the same about the mexican food.

The interior is mostly from the recycled wood of the original creamery that had been there before. The iron panels mixed in with the recycled wood give the restaurant an authentic canteena feel.

I also liked the fact that they use naturally raised hormone free ingredients but the burrito I ordered didn't taste like an authentic Mission burrito that I had been craving for all day. My one and only motivation for running 4 miles this morning. Then again I was in SOMA and not the Mission so I should have known better. The fact that they have burrito bowls on the menu definitely should have been a clue that this would be a little bit different than the Mission. I shouldn't have been surprised to find lima beans, green bean and corn in my burrito when I didn't even order a veg burrito. I hate to be so picky about my burritos but the truth is I am. Having had so many good burritos in the Mission, I can't settle for lima beans and creamy guacamole.

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