Sunday, February 15, 2009

No Monkey Business For Me

Elephanta Island has a lot of monkeys. Sam, our guide, said that there are less than 1,500 people that live on the island and over 2,000 monkeys. We didn't see that many in the morning when we went to the caves. But as we came out, there were a few hanging around. They seemed harmless and cute. I was making my way towards Jen to take a photo when I noticed one of the bigger monkeys coming towards me. I didn't know what he wanted so I started to step aside and walking a little faster but he started to do the same. This is when I realized the monkey had some business with me and I was not prepared. I mean I thought I was prepared for all kinds of travel situations but I had no idea how to handles this one. My mind was racing and I kept thinking I was saying out loud to Jen and Sam "hey what do I do to get the monkey away is there a gesture or word I can shoo him." I thought that this is what I was saying and wondering why nobody was coming to my rescue as the monkey got closer but later Jen said I was just mummbling " jeyvendi, jeyvendi, jeyvendi!" Sam was hanging back with my camera relaxed taking photos. The monkey kept coming at me and started to scratch my leg. All I could think of doing in my panic mode was to throw my bottle water at him. Before I could throw it he just grabbed it with his two hands. He sat down and slowly opened the lid and started to drink all my water! He propped one leg under the bottle and looked at me dead and seemed to be saying "whose the monkey now." Only in India the monkeys even outwit the tourists!
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