Sunday, February 22, 2009

This isn't what it looks like

Wearing a sari may seem easy to someone who has never worn a sari before but let me tell you it's not as easy as it looks here. I am proud to say I pulled it off with a little help.

Let me tell you why it's not as easy as it looks. First of all the skirt and wrap is one piece of cloth that you wrap around your waist into a petticoat and then you wrap around your body. So just imagine if you don't do it right how it can turn into a wardrobe malfunction.

When I got the sari the lady at the store showed me how to do it. She did it effortlessly so I thought this can't be hard. I'll just watch her and imitate later. When I was telling some of the ladies at work that I got a sari they all had one question, "whose gonna help you put it on?" A few people said they hardly wear saris because its hard to put it on. This is when my bubble burst and I started worrying about the whole getting dressed aspect.

The night of the engagement I put on the top more or less effortlessly, then came the bottom. I just did what the lady at the store did. Wrap the sari around my waste and stuff it in the petticoat. Except it was scratchy and not sticking. This is when I lost my cool and declared that I needed to go to the hotel with my clothes and ask one of Pratap's aunties to help me. Luckily, Gina had read in the expat magazine an article on how to wear saris. She took one look at me and realized I was wearing the bottom upside down! It took 5 mins to fix it. Actually, wearing the sari was not as hard as just learning how to put it on. Although I could not walk in my attire as gracefully as all the experts, I have to say it made me feel like a queen. The top had so much bead work. I loved it! All of us expat girls wore traditional Indian clothes and could hold are own it. We danced til 2am at the afterparty and not one of us had a wardrobe malfunction.

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