Friday, February 6, 2009

Saris are my new black

Jen, Shannon, Anu (Pratap's mom - Shannon's future mother-n-law) and I went shopping earlier this week for Shannon and Pratap's engagement party. We went to Neeros one of the shops in Hyderabad. Jen and I started with the most simple outfits - the salwar kameez. There were so many styles and the outfits were so beautiful. But then our eyes caught the other styles -saris and ghagra cholis. I was overwhelmed with all the choices but Anu had the whole place under control. She pointed out all the cute outfits. Jen ended up getting a beautiful aqua with bronze ghagra cholis and I got a salmon colored sari. I had so much fun trying the outfits on. I fell in love with each one I tried on. Unfortunately, the relationship was not mutual because a lot of them were above my budget so it wouldn't work out. I also realized that I wouldn't have many occasions to wear them. I was to get invited to some Indian weddings so I have an excuse to go back and get more saris. The other day my dream came of our co-workers that Carla knew from before invited us all to her wedding near Delhi. This is so nice of her to include us. I am so excited to now have 2 occasions to wear my new sari.. If I get another occasion, I am definitely gonna get another one.

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seti said...

Do you have a picture with your sari?