Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello new friend..this is Gopal Rand.

The other night Carla and I were staying up late frantically doing things on the internet before our internet went out. Our internet had been out all weekend so we were trying to catch up on emails and other important activities such as updating our blogs. Her mom started pinging her and asking her questions. Carla was trying to finish something while answering her mom’s questions at once. All of a sudden she turns to me and asks “who is Gopal Rand? my mom says he has pictures of me on his site!” After some more pinging it turns out some how her mom found my blog- Global Randomness! She was asking her about Global Randomness but the ping was coming out in chunks so Carla read it wrong. We had a big laugh about this so I want to dedicate this post especially to Carla’s mom -my one reader.

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