Friday, January 9, 2009


Friday morning I think. Today we have a few hours to hang out in Singapore before our flight to our final destination-Hyderabad. Jen, Carla and I had breakfast and then took the airport tour bus into the city. Singapore is really beautiful. It reminds me of Waikki but more beautiful, and clean. The city is more modern as well. The airport offers free tours and rides into the city to get people to want to come back and works! The bus drops us of at the mall. That is one of many malls here I later learn. We got some delicious bread at the mall from BreadTalk. I got this Floss bread because the girl that works there said it was the most popular. Spicy beef + butter = mmm good! I was taking pictures of all the breads because they are all so different but then the girl that worked there told me that I wasn't allowed to take pictures! I am not sure why. Maybe the bread in Singapore are shy as well. Jen took a picture of the tour guide on the bus and he told her not to because he was shy. He turned his back to Jen for the whole ride because he was afraid of her camera. Then he told us we had to wear these stickers so they can identify us later because people are shy to ask who we were. Maybe he was using shyness as a way to get us to do things or maybe Singapore people are not too fond of you taking pics. All I know was the food was great.

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