Wednesday, January 28, 2009

These aint no "liquor cookies!"

On the way up to Rajisthan this weekend, one of my roommates mentioned that a friend had asked her to buy her these "special liquor cookies" that they only sell in Rajisthan. She gave my roomate very explicit instructions:

1) Don't negotiate on the price. They are kinda expensive but worth the price
2) Make sure you buy it from this special shop and that they are individually wrapped.

The instructions seemed weird to our new expat ears. I mean we've been here for 10 days but know you negotiate on everything! and 50 rupees per cookie!! 50 Rupees can get you a whole lotta stuff. So, we talking about this with one of the more seasoned expats, who explains umm these are not liquor cookies - it's Bhang Cookies a.k.a weed, marijuna whatever you want to call it but it aint liquor.

Turns out the shop she was refering to for the "special liquor cookies" is in the Lonely Planet and yes it is a legal seller. In Jaislmer weed is legal to sell from this authorized stores in the form of chocolate cookies. There was only one in Jaismler and the government authorized sign said "come and enjoy.' We went to check it out did not enjoy.

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