Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Painted Ladies

We were excited this morning to start the day because we had decided Saturday to volunteer at a local school that was started by a Googler's wife for underprivileged kids. It is a public school that is owned by the government but sustained through non-profits and individual contributors. A lot of Googlers have volunteered at the school throughout the years and we're looking forward to contributing as well during our time in Hyderabad. You can learn more and see how you can contribute on the school blog This morning a bunch of volunteers were going to paint the primary school. The main school building was built sometime ago and has classes for 1-5th graders. The school building we were painting is a new one for younger kids. It is a brick structure with two rooms. They wanted to paint it so it looks more live. This was such a great experience! We loved getting to know the kids and teachers. Everyone was so excited to get to know us. Carla even got a dance lesson. Carla and I love to sing and Jen is an amazing dancer so we want to put our passions together and organize a lesson for one of their upcoming weekend classes.

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