Friday, January 9, 2009


Our flight from Seoul to Singapore was pretty uneventful. I pretty much passed out after my second dinner that day/night and woke up twenty minutes before we landed. From what I could tell Carla and Jen also got some zzs in. The seat situation on our flights has worked out smoothly. Both Jen and Carla like aisle seats and I always seat by a window so I can look out or sleep. I am riding window next to one of them each leg of the flight. Also so far no one has been in the middle seat so I was able to pass out after the meal. Unfortunately, Jen took this as an opportunity to take a horrible picture of me drooling all over myself. Lucky for me Jen has opted not to have a blog on this trip. So hopefully no one will ever see the pic. I was gonna give her admin rights to mine but have now decided to take away her rights! Carla a.k.a Scorsese on the other hand is documenting every second of the trip with her new Flip camcorder. There's already been some incidents that should not be recorded anywhere! Luckily Scorseses camera is running a little low on battery now so she is giving the docudrama a rest for a bit. We're arriving in Singapore a little after 12 am Friday January 9th. I don't know what happened to Thursday but some how we missed it.

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