Sunday, January 11, 2009

Traveler Beware: there are a lot of Body Shops in Signapore!

Jen, Carla and I thought we had smoothly planned our layover time in Singapore. We thought we were so smart finding out about the free bus ride into the city and how well we had managed our time there. We saw the Fountain of Wealth, a memorial, the famous Opera House and we even managed to go to Chinatown for some adventures with food. All we had to do is take the metro back and go to the place outside the mall where the bus had dropped us off 10 minutes before the pick up time. This all sounded easy to us when the tour bus driver dropped us off. I mean Singapore seemed small and we just made sure to look at the stores that were near the bus drop off area..After some fun in Chinatown, we take the metro back to the main mall and trace our place back to the Body Shop. Somehow the bus stop was not outside of the mall entrance near Body Shop so we start running through the mall trying to re-trace our steps and what do we see..another Body Shop!! The mall is a maze and we spent 15 minutes running through it. We already stood out before as we haven't really seen much "foreigners" now we are the only people running or even fast walking through the mall. We discovered three Body Shops and no bus =(. After 15 mins of running around, we gave up and decided to get a cab back to the airport so we don't miss our flight as well.

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