Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thing to avoid on a camel ride...

1)Downing a 40 in 20 mins..it may sound good but you'll be miles away from a bathroom and there's no privacy in the sand dunes.
2)Getting on the camel behind the pissing camel.. they can hold a lot of water and piss forever.
3)Racing your camels..it sounds fun but your bun will pay for it the next day.
4)Getting to close up and personal in your camels face.. their chompers can take big bites.
5) Any camel named "Michael Jackson" it's just too creepy.


Lobna said...

OMG! this Ish is Hilarious!!!!!hahahah! It must have been a lot of fun!

Morvarid said...

Love it! Did you try any of the things to avoid? ;)

Global Randomness said...

No. I raced but was too sick to partake in the beer drinking. Fortunately that turned out to my advantage