Thursday, January 8, 2009


The first hour on the plane: I am loving Singapore Airlines! The airplane experience so far is similar to visiting a relative you haven't visited for a long time (who is happy to see you). The flight attendants are extremely nice and hospitable.

There are these Christmas decorations hanging from above the windows through out the airpline. The first few hours- I am loving them. It feels like you are in someone's living room. I've never seen decorations/wreaths in airplanes but it's nice for now.

The in flight entertainment is great. There's new releases from all over the world. I was a bit overwhelmed the first hour because I wanted to see so many of the movies and documentaries that I thought I wouldn't have any time.

The 9+ hours on the plane: I am ready to get off this plane... By now I have seen three American newly released movies and a Bollywood film. I've read 3 magazines and free South Korea newspaper they handed to us. Even the Christmas decorations are starting to get to me after staring at them for so many hours. It doesn't seem like they would be very safe if we had crazy turbalance. There's all these pine cones hanging from them. I hope they take them down after the holidays, which are officially over. Off course, I have ate every snack available (maybe twice). Also I have ate every piece of each meal which are ok. I can't complain too much about the meal because they have been full meals: appetizer, entree, and dessert. I am glad I didn't opt for the vegetarian option like Carla. She opted for vegetarian meals because she says you get your meal first and the quality of food is better. Her strategy didn't work out. She got her meals first but the food was scarce. She got veggies every time and her last meal was a vegan meal.

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